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Essential Tips To Design The Website For Elearning

Everybody these days is trying to learn something or the other using free online learning sites. People are more into learning online and thanks to the digital era which has made it possible.

Last few years have been best in the digital revolution, and it provides the platform to learn while being in their cozy spaces and at their home. The learning using online medium is known as e-Learning. We have been linked with mobiles, laptops and other tech devices so why not learn something to enhance the skills using those devices.

Creating An Elearning Website

For this government and non-government organizations have started several e-learning courses to facilitate young generation to learn in their free time. Most of the educators and planners focus on performing platforms which enhance the user experience. That is when the role of elearning website comes in to play. The website designs have to be enriching and less-troubling for learners to explore the content.

Tips for Creating eLearning Website Design:

Recently there has been a spotlight on designing mobile friendly websites which will enable mobile users to learn and understand.

Website design plays a crucial role in learning experience because if the website is taking too long to respond, have difficult navigation and issues in the content then it will reduce the interest of the users. 

If you are thinking to create a website for an e-learning course, then you need to have a responsive website. Struggling to find the right designer for your upcoming course? Then best website Design Company in Dubai is going to be your best fit because they will turn in great looking and responsive website design. 

Following are some rules which you can follow to come up with top-notch eLearning website design:

Keep it simple:

When you are designing an e-learning website, then the focus should be on the learning experience. You still can make it good looking but adding too many features or complexity will make it difficult for readers and users to concentrate.

Learners will also be able to explore it easily, and they will be able to scan the relevant information faster. Professional and simple website design will make navigation and responsiveness easy.

Multiple platform-friendly:

When you have a website which the young generation is going to use, then you do have to take into account the number and type of devices they have. When creating an eLearning website design you have to make it accessible for a laptop user, desktop, tablet and even the smartphone.

Compatibility with all possible devices is essential, so that brings ease for the users.

Color scheme:

When you are creating a website which provides eLearning courses, then you have to understand that color scheme is going to be different than another industry website.

Choose the colors which are subtle in nature and don’t distract the readers.

Detail oriented:

When you are creating an eLearning website design, then you need to ensure that different medium of information from video to PowerPoint presentation to word files and other formats are supported.

Pay attention to the drop down menus, graphics, display and even the navigation time. Attention to detail will make the whole website design great looking.

Take Away!

Website design is crucial in many ways but as the methods of learning are rapidly changing and e-learning process is becoming more prevalent.

In that case, having a perfect website is essential and who else can do it better than website design company. Give your learners top-notch experience with well-development website.


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Use Ruby On Rails For Startup Website Development

Many of you are of the view that ruby on rails is just to make the programmers happy and doesn’t have any other purpose to serve?

If it were true, the language wouldn’t have been in the buzzwords globally. How? Shopify, Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter, Yellow pages, Dribbble, Twitch, and many other innovative startups are successfully developed using the Ruby on Rails.

Why should you prefer using ruby on rails over the other languages?

According to the survey of Full Stack (2017), around 1,041,321 live websites are designed and developed using ruby on rails. It is enlisted among the top ten frequently used programming languages globally.

ruby on rails for startup website

Not only this, many new entrants in the business market of UAE prefer to have their corporate website developed using Ruby. The trends are relatively higher in other countries.

So, if you are the one confused about the selection of appropriate programming language for your business web application, don’t forget to consider the services of ruby on rails company Dubai. It is regarded as the most useful but handy option for all types of products and service representation over the internet.

This post is intended to highlight a few of the fantastic reasons why you should select ruby on rails for your startup business.


The unique feature of this programming language is the efficiency of time. The framework has many built-in functionalities and plugin to offer ready-made work to the people. For instance, anyone can start developing a web application without even writing the complex codes.

A rough comparison of the Ruby with other languages reveals that it is 30-40% faster than similar frameworks. It significantly saves time.

Consistency and Integrity

Another thing which is unique about the Ruby framework is the consistency. It is because the programmers are required to follow programming conventions and standardized mechanisms for file storage. It helps to keep the structure of the whole project easy and understandable.

Further, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) makes the coding patterns extremely easy to support rapid project development. So, the correctly readable code is easy to modify and maintain. The developers can comprehend the code-base in less time as compared to other programming codes.

So, if you are willing to go with this amazing framework, don’t forget to check out the latest updates about the services of ruby on rails offered by Dubai based professionals.

Compatible with Parallel Development

The MVC model allows various members of the development teams to work on the same project simultaneously.  This not only encourages multi-tasking but also save considerable time.

According to a rough estimation, parallel work enables the web developers to accomplish their task three times faster than others. It is owing to the compatibility and consistent design patterns offered by the ruby framework.


There is no denying the fact that many business people ignore the need for a web application owing to budget constraints. Further, the same problem is faced by emerging entrepreneurs.

Luckily, the development of web applications using the ruby framework is pretty inexpensive as compared to other structures.

It is because you can find plenty of already developed modules known as gems by pay a meager amount and integrate it into your project.

There are more than gems are available to help the developers make do their work efficiently. It means that you don’t have to bear the cost of developing a website from scratch giving an edge to the ruby framework as highly cost-effective.

Takes Away

After reading the post thoroughly, hopefully, you have got an understanding that why the ruby framework is a hot debate globally.

Still, many people show their concerns regarding the authenticity and support of the programming. For those, it is a must to understand that everything comes with some pros and cons, but you have to evaluate both in order to make a wise selection.

Last but not least, premium ruby on rails service providers can help you better get your work done successfully.

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Improve User Experience of Your Website Design

The process of website design is evolutionary in nature because trends change with the passage of time. It is evident from the fact that websites incorporate new styles and elements every year - known as the trends!

This is not only done to make the website layout impressive but also to enhance user experience. Therefore, trends are incorporated thoughtfully. However, it is not necessary to add every emerging trend to website, but a few essential elements must be accommodated to get better business conversions.

Most trending web design elements to make user-friendly websites.

No doubt, trending elements in website front-end designs and developments are bombarding like cats and dogs. It makes the selection difficult because every new thing attracts the attention owing to technological advancement and innovation.

Therefore, it is better to get assistance from premium website design agency Dubai in order to make your website fully functional and user-friendly. No doubt, professionals can help you to narrow your focus in order to concentrate on the essential elements.

However, if you are interested in knowing a few elements, check out the given detail:

Large and Unique Typography

Typography has become the most effective element of branding. It is because many business organisations used unique typographic for years. It makes them identifiable among their customers easily.

The typography selection frame was extremely limited in the past years. However, the time has changed – so the trends also.

Recently, the web designers have gained access to a bigger selection frame of typography making it relatively easier for brand recognition. Therefore, companies are free to choose their favorite font style and type as the expression of their website.

How is it beneficial?

Typography is used to convey the message and direct the users to their intended information. It can effectively be used to grasp the attention of the people towards a most crucial promotion or announcement based on the font size, color and style.

For instance, the Spiral Click uses different font styles on its website for better clarity and understanding of the message.

Large Images with Responsiveness

A large image to portray the heroic corporate story or inspiring feature article is becoming the new black. The reason is that innovation of technology has given the people the freedom to differentiate among the larger screens such as PCs and laptops from the smaller including smartphones and tablets.

Similarly, the web designers are given the freedom to make a difference in designs based independent of the screens or devices. The use of larger pictures on the websites enables the companies to give a bigger look at their brands. Not only this, it is considered highly influential because of visual experience. Adjusting text content adds more value to the websites.

How is it beneficial?

You must understand that your potential customers belong to the world which is highly globalized and technologically advanced. Especially, considering the visitors from the UAE, it is imperative to hire professional website design services for improved user experience.

Further, using the background or the products images helps to explain the business objectives and products nature significantly.

Takes Away

Remember! Your website is the face of your business as it represents your business objectives globally. Therefore, select the web design elements wise and cautiously.

How To Optimize Website Design

There was a time when people used to have little access to the Internet. However, the time has changed, and so the facilities are improved. Presently, people rely on the internet to remain up-to-date and take reviews from social media.


Therefore, when it comes to your presence in the cyber world, the website is the first things to be established and maintained professionally. However, you need to put effort to make your website layout and design optimized to ensure business advantage.

You must be thinking that how website appearance helps in boosting business? Let’s understand it first.

The Importance of Website Design

It might be hard for a few people to understand that what is the role of design in generating business when it comes to the website? The reason behind such a perception is the concept that functionality is all in all for business presence in the virtual world.

The significance of an optimized website for business is realized by professional web design Dubai companies because higher consciousness has been observed in the production of compact and user-friendly web interfaces in UAE and globally.

According to Forrester, conversion rate can be increased by 200 -400 per cent with a well-designed graphical user interface of the website. Not only this, companies can get $100 return by investing to augment user experience through their business website.

How to Optimize Website Design Responsively

No doubt, there are numerous factors which lead to ultimate success in the business world by getting an online presence. But, the most important is to get an optimized design for your website. Therefore, you must consider the essential elements of web designing to ensure business promotion.

Although digital footprint takes considerable time and money, investing in a growth-driven website has a substantial impact on profitability. To ensure effective utilization of investment, you must consider the following elements:

1. Web Appearance and Layout

It will not be wrong to state that the first impression is the last when you talk about the business website. Therefore, the first and foremost quality of the website is elegance and attraction. Your site must exhibit brand uniformity to promote business and improve the user experience.

The essential elements of website layout include the homepage, sidebars, navigation menu, pages and sections. Generally, a well-designed website homepage has a logo, a large homepage slider or animation, business headline, introductory overview, additional parts and footer at the end of every page. So, it should be comprehensive, clean, attractive and professional.

Nevertheless, the first appearance of the website on the client’s browser indicates that how much effort has been put on the part of web design. It is because homepage is considered as the qualifier or disqualifier for the business generation and all credit goes to the designers and developers of the website.

Quick Tips to Optimize Web Homepage

It is imperative to understand that website homepage design is the billboard of your business. Consider the following things to improve website responsiveness.

  • Your business website must have a logo, and it is suggested to place it to the left.
  • Hero shot is the large-sized slider or image used on the front page.  It plays a role of the gatekeeper as people have to go through it and then move to the next section. Make it relevant and ask people to analyze it critically to improve the content.
  • Create a clear, comprehensive and self-explanatory headline of your business nature or operations and paste it on the homepage.
  • Add social proof to your website using the white pages, press releases, testimonials, awards, clients’ logos
  • Improve your website visibility using the blog posts linked to the homepage. Add feature posts, business stories, and social corporate responsibility news
  • Create footer with sections and add social icons, contact form, address maps, and posts’ comments.
  • Last but not least, your homepage must offer something to your visitors in terms of rewards. So, ask them to perform any activity (Call of action), and in return, they can get something for free or at a discount.

2. Graphics and Visual Elements

It goes without a doubt that the world is a box of crayons and the internet as a rainbow. It goes without doubt that brand color has a significant impact on the profit generation as it drives customers’ mood. So, be careful when you are selecting the primary and secondary color of your website.

Quick Tips to Improve Website Graphics

  • Make a comprehensive plan for the selection of the color which is aligned with your business nature
  • Create a balanced design with a blend of videos, images and other visual elements.
  • Observe coherence and consistency in your design in order to avoid diverse color schemes.
  • Don’t use extremely flashy visual elements because it can irritate or distract the customers.
  • Always give a proper caption to your image used on the website and embed your business keywords in Alt Text.
  • Try to use bright images as blur pictures and graphics works as an automatic turn-off for the visitors for the first time.
  • Last but not least, the use of graphics has a considerable impact on the loading time. According to the general estimation, people wait for a maximum of 20 seconds to wait for the website to get loaded before leaving. So, make sure that your total site size should not be more than 50KB.

3. Usability and Navigation

Navigation is an essential component of your website.  It plays the role of a map to all the linked pages and sections. Therefore, a clear and well-defined way of accessing information can be profoundly helpful in website conversions.

Many premium web design service providers in Dubai ensure that the design and usage of navigation provoke definite impression of the website. So, they perform rapid assessments and eye blink tests to improve the website navigation process for the users.

Although one-page website designs are getting popularity among the people, it is a common practice to add internal links and pages to the navigation bars or menu.

You have seen many examples of menu bars including the vertical menu. Navigation is actually a function of usability as it gives an entrance point to the visitors. Therefore, navigation should offer easy entry and smooth exit by making it a knowledgeable experience for the visitors.

Quick Tips to Improve Website Navigation

  • First of all, you have a clear understanding of how you are going to organize the information on the website. Don’t forget to do detailed paperwork before designing the site.
  • Remember that less is more because the overloaded menu can confuse or overwhelm the visitors.
  • Be description and label the menu items in a simple and understandable manner.
  • It is not suggested to use the Hamburger menu even it is famous. It’s because these menu styles are suitable for smart devices but not for computers and laptops.
  • Design the work of conventions comprehensively that event converting your website into some other language may not impact the understanding and navigation patterns.
  • You must divide your navigation bars into the main menu and sub menus to make it look appealing and understandable.

Final Thought

In this era of digitalization, many business organizations have already realized the importance of having a responsive website. However, you must understand the fact that the optimized design of the site is just like a well-organized and purposefully written book. Such a book or website enables the users to access their desired information without any difficulty.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to have an optimized user experience without the help of professional web design companies Dubai. It is owing to the reason that only a well-experienced and professionally sound service provider delivers growth-driven websites.

Never forget to get a comprehensive website properly optimized and responsive to create a long lasting user experience. An impression on which the potential customers can rely!

Things You Must Consider For Mobile App Design

Developing a mobile app is an on-going trend that every business is looking forward to. The existing growth of this innovative market was something like that of web development several years ago. Although apps were considered as a luxurious tool owned by business owners, it is now the critical requirement for business irrespective of its size.

consideration for mobile app designing

Having a mobile application to represent a business is not everything, in many ways. Both small and large size corporations having a robust online presence are still working to expand and enhance different components of their existing apps. That’s where (external link removed) come in who can change the discipline from traditional to modern design.

In fact, one must understand the difference between an impressive and a highly functional app and the one that is already being failed to deliver. For this to happen, one must keep in mind those essential rules that can make a difference. The following tips must be remembered when designing and developing a stunning mobile application.

Mobile App or Mobile Website:

Both mobile app and website are the two formats that must fit well with your goals. While having an already running website that needs to be integrated into the app, developing a mobile app is the best approach. If you are willing that it must be accessible in offline mode or integrate with different components of the mobile OS, a mobile application would be the best choice.

Where The App Will Be Used:

If you are willing to develop a native mobile app, the next thing is to consider where it is going to be used. Such a consideration is important because it has a significant impact on the designing phase. Depending on your choice of usability and accessibility, consider Geo-location app or the one that can use the GPS system of the device.

Consider Various Screen Sizes:

Because of a wide range of mobile devices, both resolutions and screen sizes stay different, even on a similar mobile platform. You must use scalable graphics and elements in the UI so that your app must have a decent look and feel on different devices.

In this regard, if you are unable to make it happen, seek assistance of (external link removed) mobile app and website design services to enable you to develop an app that can run on every type of device.

Design for Touch:

You must design your app for touch. For this to happen, organize the whole of your app menu and selectors where the thumb sits (bottom of the app) and the content on top of it. Also, specify the thumb feedback either in physical or visual form. Also, indicate some visual cues that can indicate that an item is either clicked or clickable.


This video will be also helpful for you while (external link removed)


How to Set Up an Ecommerce Business?

E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce and mainly runs on the idea of buying and selling goods, transferring of funds, ordering food and other products using the internet. This is considered as one of the best perks of advanced technology and presence of smartphones.

More and more people are trying to set up a venture which employs the concept of eCommerce. Many people start the work and think that without putting any creativity or any unique effort, their business is going to flourish.

How to Set Up an Ecommerce Business

Well, that is not true because you have put a lot of effort into setting up something online. You might need help from ecommerce solutions provider in Dubai because they are the ones who can provide customized solutions for your business idea using several technologies.

Do the basics

Before you start investing, you have to cross a long road of barriers which might involve convincing people, finalizing a product that you are going to sell and knowing the market trends. It might take more than few months to do so as you have to look out for several things such as the demand of the market, opinion of people about your product and who is going to support your venture morally and otherwise.

Finalize your product

No one is going to say it, but it can be good to start with one product only. It is a new business so focusing on one product is much more beneficial as compared to working inefficiently on several different products.

Healthy competition can be useful for your business so do not shy away if some other companies are also selling out the similar products. But make sure that market is not overcrowded with this product because too much competition will also not provide enough room for your business to grow.

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Answer the why question

The first person you have to convince is yourself. You need to ask yourself of why you would want to sell the product and what is so special about the product which already does not exist in the market.

If you are not confident about your product, no one else will. You have to know the reasons of why your product is better than everybody else’s.

Establishing a brand name or registering the business

Once you are clear about all the categories about it is time for establishing a setup which operates online. Register your business and select a unique name for it. Getting a business license is crucial because it is a legal document for the permission of running your business.

Setting up website

Because it is an online store, so everything relies on how your website is looking and what impression it gives to the visitor. You have only 2 seconds to grab the attention of the visitors so design your website in a way that it looks appealing and want the visitor to explore more.

Take the help of the professionals because there are several features which you need to consider such as features, shifting tabs, color scheme, compatibility and payment options. The theme of the site should align with the product and services you are trying to offer.

The software should be compatible with the website designs so that there is no issue in launching the site. Ecommerce solutions Dubai offer three different types of custom ecommerce development options making it easy for customers to choose from.

Market your business

If you are satisfied with the outlook of your site, then ask some of your friends to give an opinion on the site. They can be your personal critiques and can give you best input for your venture.

Next is market your business and you have the options of doing using social media because it is accessible to a large number of people. Social media marketing is also an inexpensive way of marketing. Spread the word in your friend's circle, and the ripple effect will go on. Other ways to market your business is going for advertisements, promotional offers, and even TV commercial. But in the beginning, social media marketing should work.

6 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

In the simplest words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indispensable for business corporations and organizations to get noticed. It is owing to the reason that presence over the Internet has gained augmented popularity over the past years. So, it has become the success determinant factor for business sustainability.

6 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Search engines help the people to find optimized information over the Internet. The SEO is used to list the website to get into the search for optimized content to quest the knowledge thirst of the people.

In this way, SEO enables the organizations to master the skills of directing more and more audience to their websites. Therefore, special attention is paid to make websites optimized for eminent search engines.

Biggest Mistakes in SEO which are Detrimental to your Business

Owing to the significance and scope of SEO, business organizations seek assistance from premium SEO services Dubai. In fact, SEO is all about strategy and adaptation.

However, any mistake in misunderstanding the requirements, latest trends, Google SEO policies, and algorithms can cause havoc. Therefore, SEO professional must avoid the following mistake to list their websites in the top rankings of search engines especially the Google.

Not Considering SEO Strategy from the Start

 No doubt, the glam, glitz and glorious website designs make it worth million dollars. But, ignoring SEO plan can make it perish altogether. 

It can be understood from the famous saying that:

“The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google”

It means that if you don’t consider SEO from the first day of your presence on the Internet, it will become extremely difficult to get into notice in the later years. 

So, don’t make this mistake ever.  You must ensure that the newly designed website is completely resonated with the targeted audience. Not only this, the SEO strategy should be fully ingrained in website design.

Not Analyzing the Design and Content of Existing Website 

If you already have a website and seeking for comprehensive SEO, you must take a proper audit of the website. Ignoring this factor can deteriorate the whole SEO strategy.

It is imperative to take a SWOT analysis of the website while keeping latest SEO requirements in mind. Consider the following elements while assessment:

  • Targeted Audience
  • Number of organic and inorganic visits on the average basis
  • The relevance of content with targeted keywords and keywords ranking
  • Number of backlinks
  • Number of indexed pages

Hopefully, you will have a master document for the progress of your website which helps you understand the present web status in detail. Even if you don’t have, you may consult eminent SEO services providers Dubai to get an updated analysis report.

Not have a focused keyword strategy

The main objective of SEO is to make your website easier to be searched by the users. Therefore, keyword strategy is very important. 

So, never make a mistake of ignoring keywords in any case. You must have a workable detail of the keywords keeping the competition, searches, demography and related factors in mind.

Excessive Optimization of website especially Keywords

It is imperative to have a comprehensive, solid and workable strategy to deal with the keywords. Any loophole in the selection and placement of keywords can hinder the success.

Therefore, excessive optimization of keywords will compromise the quality of content. It is usually known as keyword stuffing where the concept of writing is not to provide information but keywords embedding.

You must avoid this practice to ensure a strong search engine optimization for your website.

Irrelevant Keywords Optimization

Selection, placement and targeting the sufficient numbers of keywords is the key to success. Further, optimization of irrelevant keywords is a potential factor in the failure of SEO strategy.

Therefore, always consider a compact plan for SEO based on the most relevant keywords. It will help you to get organic traffic, better visits, and user engagement.


Plagiarism is, in fact, the assassination of the content. Your content on the website should be the direct result of creative writing and innovative minds. Never use the copied material from other websites because Google has a strict algorithm to check uniqueness of the content presented to the users.

Plagiarism cause to weaken the authenticity of the website and it’s a major mistake done by inefficient and ignorant SEO experts. So, offer your targeted audience with the best piece of written material, audios, videos and other types of content.

Takes Away

To sum up, considering a helping hand from professionally expert SEO services providers in Dubai ensures the best practices to get your website ranked optimally.

7 Key Characteristics of a Quality Ecommerce Website

It is true that success of any website over the Internet largely depends on SEM, SEO and optimized management of content. However, the thing which is ignored in many cases is the website itself.

It’s simple if you are intended to promote your business through the website; you must pay attention towards the quality of the website. It is imperative to maximize audience reach by improving layout, appearance, content, and usability.

Quality Ecommerce Website Tips

Nevertheless, website no matter if it is a corporate web or ecommerce application is a public entity. It owes to the reason because the website is intended to target users. Especially, when it comes to the online business web application, organizations must ensure the following characters incorporated into the website:

1. Functional Requirements

Every website is developed to serve a pre-defined purpose.  For instance, a website for online shopping is to enable the users to buy products. Therefore, the website is to solve a problem. It is the reason that premium ecommerce solutions Dubai should be acquired to ensure functional requirements.

Similarly, a website designed to post job advertisements will assist the people to explore job opportunities. So, the functions intended to be offered by a website must work properly.

Clearly speaking, functional requirements are the first and foremost feature, a website is looked for. People want to get their objective served in a better way. So, they seek competitive options to fulfill their purpose of using a website.

2. Ease of Use

A quality ecommerce website should offer the users with an ease of use. It can be done by using self-explanatory web content and handy navigation.

The best quality of a website should be to direct the users to their intended pages without any confusion or difficulty. The loading time of a web page should be minimal. Therefore, when users visit a website, they look for appropriate information without any struggle.

So, you must check if your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly?

3. Relevant and Coherent Content

It goes without doubt that information is the most vital component of a website. It is owing to the reason that people visits website for easy access to the promotions, products, and services. Therefore, the content of the website should be easy to comprehend.

Further, it is imperative that information is relevant to the niche of the website. So, if your ecommerce website deals in online furniture, it should provide adequate data, product reviews, and other related stuff to assist your clients effectively.

4. Modern and Up-to-Date

Keeping the website aligned with modern needs and trends is essential. An up-to-date website offers more facilities to its users as compared to a website developed using older technology and techniques.

For instance, fluid and responsiveness is a crucial requirement for internet based shopping carts. It is the reason that experienced Dubai ecommerce website developers ensure the integration of these factors to design the websites innovatively.

5. Higher Optimization and Responsiveness

Technological advancement has changed the gadgets considerably. Extremely large screen to tiny smartphone screen is casual things for the present day.

Therefore, website content should be optimized well to fit in every screen. It is imperative to get an optimized web design which is capable of catering information on different devices, screens, and browsers.

If your web browser does not support newly available browsers, you must be missing one of the significant elements of a quality website. Therefore, the feature of responsiveness and optimization of content is a must for a successful website.

6. Website Loading Speed and Performance

It takes time to load the requested page into the website. However, the load time should be minimal as much as possible.

According to recent research conducted by FedEx has revealed that load time of 4 seconds causes millions of loss in an ecommerce business. It indicates the gravity of the matter.

Another research conducted by Akamai Technologies reported that;

"We found that a mere 100-millisecond delay in load time dinged conversion rates by up to 7 percent, and optimal load times for the lowest bounce rates ranged from 700 milliseconds to 1.2 seconds."

So, it is a crucial factor of success for a website that it should be fast enough to be loaded in the browser Generally, Does your website load fast enough to show visitors what they are looking for? Your website can’t be slow when presenting content to its visitors. If your website takes more than two seconds to load, it is probably too slow.

7. Reliable and Secure

Reliability is one of the most aspired features; an ecommerce website should have to offer its users.

So, is it safe to buy from your website? The process of online purchase should be completed smoothly without creating an issue of unavailable services, etc.

Further, it is noteworthy to consider that a website designed to offer the services of online sale and purchase should be secure. The transaction of money is usually done by debit, credit or visa cards. So, the security and confidentiality is a must for ecommerce website in Dubai.

Takes Away

To sum up, there are many ways to develop a website by selecting from a wide range of tools and techniques.

Remember! The quality of a website can only be ensured by considering the given traits and characteristics. So, make sure to assess your website based on the provided criterion.



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Website Navigation Design Best Practices

Every website has almost similar navigation forms. However, not every website has an excellent way to direct the visitors through navigation. There is a significant difference between having a menu bar and a perfectly functional navigation.

Generally, the navigation bars are designed and put on the website by the designers and web developers.

No doubt, they are well aware of the Just about every website has some form of navigation. Unfortunately, not every website’s navigation is good enough to engage visitors.

How To Improve Website Navigation

It is owing to the reason that website designers are well aware of the designing and development techniques but have a little knowledge of marketing tactics.

However, the success of any website lies in both, the sound design and the foolproof marketing styles to attract customers. It is the reason that web design Dubai Company offers comprehensive solutions based on the elements of creativity and marketing.

What is Website Navigation?

The internal link architecture of the website is known as navigation. It is the method of linking web pages to make a connection between the information.

The chief objective of using navigation for the website is to enable the users to access information with ease and effectiveness.

Not just this, navigation important for the search engines too. It is because web pages are discovered and indexed by the search engines using the navigation.

Importance of Website Navigation

A navigation bar plays a very critical role in the success of a website. It can engage the customers for a long period of time.

Further, it has a substantial impact on the overall performance of website because of the conversion process. A highly integrated website is strong enough to find the desired information quickly without frustrating visitors.

Therefore, the efficiency of a website is directly linked with navigation bar of the website.

So, just the fact that a website has a navigation bar doesn’t serve the end. It has to be well-structured and compact in order to serve the best job of directing visitors as per your desire.

Ways to Enhance Website Navigation

It is easy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a website by paying attention to the navigation integrity.

The following tips will help you for sure!

Make the navigation elements clickable

A website contains a number of categories, pages, headings and related links. It is essential to check out that all navigation elements are clickable.

A nature course of arranging all links can help to allure visitors. So, never ignore the significance of being original or natural.

If your website has a drop-down menu, you must check for its logical concept and purpose. It will help to define navigation arrangement in an effective manner.

Make a clear division of categories

It is normal for a website to have multiple categories including subcategories. Not only this, various pages and sections are also a part of professionally developed websites.

In case, you are unable to make a logical division between the information needed to be present on your website, discussing with the project managers of your selected web design company Dubai can lead you to a decision.

You should pay attention to divide all categories in a clear and comprehensive manner. Everything presented on web pages should be visually joined based on proper logic.

Ensure the use of appropriate titles

The titles linked on the navigation bars should give the visitors a general understanding of the link purpose.  Therefore, you must pay attention to make all links relevant as per their titles.

Misleading or cryptic text on navigation tabs can make the visitors confuse and irritated in many cases. It can potentially result in rapid bounce rate which is not a good sign for a business.

Consistency is the key to success

A consistent approach towards optimized design and development of the website is the key to success. It is, therefore, suggested to be consistent in presenting information on navigation bars.

The chief objective of navigation is to make sense of the content presented on the website. If the navigation varies from page to page, it can irritate the visitors.  So, every web page should contain the same navigation bar except an absolute necessity.

Connecting Words – Takes Away

In short, navigation is not only a guiding start for the customers or visitors but also helps the search engines to figure out web content along with the context.

Therefore, navigation is a relationship between the information presented on a website with its objective or context.

Don’t ignore the effectiveness of navigation as a success factor for your website. Feel free to get expert advice from a web designing company in Dubai to ensure optimization.

Reasons To Hire An SEO Company For Your Website

Outsourcing SEO services can really be beneficial for your business. As compare to handling it in-house, this way you can save both time and cost which you will invest especially if you do not have experience. Additionally, you can stay connected to several of your pending tasks related to your business when you hire an outsourced agency.

Contracting out an external agency can better rank your website. They have relevant experience and stay fully updated with latest SEO innovations. While hiring any professional and experienced SEO company Dubai, you can lower down your total promotion cost efficiently.

Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency Dubai

Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency:

None of a service ever exists unless it has a valid reason. Same is the case with search engine optimizing agencies. They can help your website efficiently represent your business on innovative ways. Some of the major reasons for hiring an agency are:

To Improve your Visibility:

Gone is time of having no competition amongst major industries. Currently, every industry is depending on SEO to reach their potential customers. Unless your website is properly optimized, it cannot gain the required exposure. An experienced agency can implement tactics and methods that are significant for improved visibility.

To Access The Required Experience:

Unless you have the required knowledge, you can’t just apply methods that you will recently learn. While agencies have search engine specific experience to make clever choices for better ranking. They handle multiple websites together and better understand the needs of individual client. They can guide you in a smooth way to handle potential issues as well.

To Get The Best Results:

As compare to an agency specialist having years of experience, you can’t efficiently evaluate your site, aims and competitors. This is a limitation for your better results because you will unable to produce a comprehensive plan for improved visibility. On the other hand, an outsourced agency will easily adjust their plans as well when tracking your success for better results.

They Can Help More Than Just SEO:

Your business success is not only depending on effective SEO. Establishing and improving business relationship with outsourced agencies like any of an expert SEO company in Dubai can enable you to meet your goals on timely manner. Besides optimizing activities, they also can help you meet your wider goals that you can’t efficiently perform yourself.


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